the wall

Inspiration #25346.

So last night I went to a book reading and signing featuring Candace Bushnell, and if that name doesn’t ring a bell then I may not be your type.

     Anyway, there I was in line, and at the very end of the line as I just had to peruse the store for more books to take home, when I came upon this wall. It is a wall of photos taken of the authors who have visited the store, and one face in particular stood out. Maya Angelou. Maya? Had she actually graced this quaint bookstore with her phenomenal presence? Had she, Ms. Maya Angelou, poet of my heart actually walked these very steps. Indeed she had. In my life I have met a few writes whom I respect to no end. Amy Tan, Leonard Pitts, Dave Barry and here looking at Ms. Angelou’s photo knowing she had been here made me feel closer to the literary world than all of them put together (except for Amy Tan, who is a completely different ball game in my book). And I realized, soon, and very soon, some teenage girl is going to walk that self-same hall and see my big-forehead-ed self beaming down on her. And she is going to know she’s next.

      Last night Candace Bushnell, who had been more of a guilty pleasure – what self-respecting revolutionary LOVES SATC???- became a real muse to me. She spoke of why she began to write, how hungry she was for a job and how she created Carrie as her aler ego – different, but still a writer making a name for herself. That’s me.  We all like to say we’re Carries (or Charlottes, or Samantha’s but never Miranda – “Nobody wants to be Mee-rrahn-da” confirmed a flawlessly put-together south American socialite while we were in line ). But i Know i’m a Carrie. Ready to express myself with both my artistry- my words, and my presence – through fashion. And ever chasing my Mr. Big. (or Mr. Big-er)

My favorite quote at the end of the night was –

“Candace, what event propelled you into being the star you are today?”

“Being Born”


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