Niggers and Chinks

So as part of my building this blog i’ve been checking out a few others and this morning i stumbled upon CAUSE4CONCEIT . it was niiiiiiiice. aesthetically it has to be one of the best i’ve seen. real professional-like. Then I spot something that catches my eyes:

Run the World Girls Asian Style.

But I haven’t even watched the video yet. The thing that bothered me the most was the caption under the video

Those clever chinks cease to amaze me, this time they’ve regaled us with a low budget rendition of Beyonce’s hit single ‘Run the World’. “

CHINKS?!?!?!?!?! really?!?!?!?!?! i’m sorry did you not get the memo that chink is an offensive word? i do not dig derogatory terms for any race/culture. Nigger, chink, gook, cracker, spick, wetback all say the same thing to me.

Honestly, like most Miami born teens I used the word “nigga” in damn near every sentence when i was in high school.   It was used in interjection with boy/man/person, kind of the urban “dude” or “bro”.


Dude, where’s my car =  Nigga!, where’s my car

damn bro, i’m hungry =  damn nigga i’m hungry

This boy in my fifth period is so cute! = this nigga in my fifth period is so cute!

You see? Nigga wasn’t nigger for us. It wasn’t the term that whites threw at my great-grandmother as they shut down the only school in her area, refusing an entire town education. It wasn’t the term a little white boy called my dad on his frist day at an integrated school as a boy. No, the community had decided that, henceforth, it would be an endearing term. Used to show love and brotherhood. But when I went to college I learned a great deal more than I knew, more than I wanted to know. I saw the videos and pictures of the KKK marching, and for the first time I got to see Birth of a Nation. Have you seen it? It’s about the KKK and how they are knights here to save america from “the nigger”. I read more books, articles, letters and watched more films than I even knew existed that taught me how much people fought against that label. I also had a few personal experiences which let me KNOW  nigga/nigger were one in the same, and they both meant ignorant, dirty, scum. We have been bamboozling ourselves to think that we could take this word and like yankee make it something to wear proudly.

Nigger is not to be worn proudly.

Neither is spick, cracker or kite.

And derogatory terms for asians: chink, gook and as i’ve recently been told Jap aren’t event thought about. Most Americans today don’t know anything about gook, and consider chink  and jap  acceptable replacements for asian or japanese. WHAT????? is it because the asian population in america is so small? or is it because they harbour these stereotypes and prejudices and most americans haven’t come across enough asians in real life to debunk these ridiculous prejudices? and rid our vocabulary of these hideous terms. someone, please fill me in.

did i miss the memo where racial slurs were now cool to use?  


3 thoughts on “Niggers and Chinks

  1. Thanks for the blog post! It’s still sad to see songs and videos posted on utube with offensive racial slurs! I appreciate this topic to address this issue.

  2. Hey Nikki! I’m really sorry if I offended you in any way! I honestly meant no harm at all. I really appreciate you checking out my site, and the positive things you had to say. Hope you’ll come check it out soon. I also appreciate your feedback about what I said, and I’ll definitely retract the term from the blog. Thanks again! -Larry

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