“i wonder how the first story was told…song, dance, oral story, cave mural…i think what drove us to ‘make-believe’ is the same reason we have science…to make sense of this world….only i think the artists are more dead on than the scientists.”

                                                                                                                                         –  NikkitheMuse


One thought on “

  1. Hi, Nikki. As promised, I am commenting here on your blog in follow-up to our discussion on FB. While I agree that we suffer some great social ills within our communities, I suggest that these are not germane to us–that is, that these social ills are not less prevalent among other groups. It is just more painful for us since we have fought so long and hard to be valued and better understood, here in the U.S. and across the globe. Moreover, I think the language you use in this post connotes sweeping generalizations, since one car cannot possibly represent a whole community’s values, as you have suggested. And I disagree with your assertion that we as a people have regressed. Far more of us have gained access to and taken advantage of educational, occupational, social, financial, and other opportunities than in past, thanks to the doors our ancestors fought to kick open for us. It’s just that we haven’t come as far as many of us would have liked. Just as we need to work harder than most to get the same reward, we have to do better than most to be judged as socially and morally acceptable.

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