as i was driving to work…

I pulled up to this car on my way to work one day and what struck me was not that it has improper English and what I think is a satellite in plain sight. No, what bothered me was that it bear a Florida State tag. FSU is my alma matter, so its near and dear to me. I didn’t understand why someone would associate the NOLES with this car. But as what someone told me has been on my mind. “That had to be a fan, no graduate would drive a car like that.” But is that true?

From what I’ve learned about Black Americans through life experiences, textbooks and observation, we’ve been in a regression for a while. Though our parents and grandparents fought for our equal rights to education and better lives, we’ve begun to promote ignorance. I love being black, but this is a shameful time to be black AMERICAN. The way we carry ourselves would put DuBois and X to shame.

What I’m driving at is this: even our well-educated middle class Black Americans behave, condone and revere the ideals accompanied with a “hood” mentality. So I do not count out the possibility that the driver was an actual graduate of FSU.

Now, I’m not saying the person who drove this car was ignorant, but I will say this: the sad thing about stereotypes is that they are based on truth more often than not. This car, and others like it, is a symbol of our values as a community. We promote use of slang, we’ve lost the ideal of community, and being flashy takes precedence over being classy.

We may have Obama on the throne, but too many in the black community have turned a deaf ear to the words of Angela and Stokely. If we continue in this direction, I fear we will become that which Mr. Booker T. Washington preached: a complacent population.


One thought on “as i was driving to work…

  1. “Flashy before classy” is right. And I’m willing to bet my paycheck on the 1st that this individual did not attend FSU. A fan, sure. An alumni, not a chance! Too busy fantasizing about hustlin’ and being a playa than actually concentrating on making it out of the hood and making a change for themselves. This is the norm. But we have to keep these people in our thoughts and hope that one day, they’ll come around. And I do believe that you can have 20 black presidents after Obama, but this hood mentality will probably never change. – Curtthaflurt

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