Studio Time

yesterday i was invited to a studio to record a poem i had written. the newly ignited fire in me made it impossible for me to turn down the opportunity, so around 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon i sat with 4 and a half strangers in a small make-shift studio and recorded my material for the first time in my life. it was nothing short of an awakening. as i was guided into a dark room with someone i hardly know but fully trust, i sat down, took a deep breath and read. the first attempt got me through a third of the poem before we started over. but the second time i read, i said to myself “you are who you’ve always believed you are” and in one take, we were done. aside from it being completely awkward hearing myself for the first time, i knew that it was only the beginning. the poem i read wasn’t my favorite, but all that meant was that from now on i would be writing to one-up everything i have written before.

but it wasn’t just myself that moved me yesterday. i loved, and i mean genuinely loved my company. each of them had been a stranger to me two days ago and yet somehow the powers that be saw fit to place them in my world, if only for a moment. and in that moment they were as familiar as though they had always been there. and it was the little things that proved it to me. the song that was being sampled was a song i had listened to as a sort of lullaby for years. it was a song that i turned to for strength and perseverance. and here they were, strangers, playing it for me at the most oppportune moment. of course they didn’t know, but thats how the world works, isn’t it?

life is proving to be quite the story.


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