Last night I went to Wynwood Art Walk held here in Miami’s design district. There are no words to describe the energy of such an event. I truly believe in humanity, and their ability to make positive energy out of the negativity that engulfs most of their lives, and this was all proven last night. Kids with backpacks and skateboards, South american socialites, Rastafarian revolutionaries, all united to walk the same streets just to see whats new in the world of art.  It was what i imagine the world would feel like after an alien attack; doesn’t matter who you are, your socio-economic status or your ethnic make-up, you were just a human there for the the love of art, artists and the community that bred you.  


 Sporting  a bright orange t-shirt, an even brighter toothy grin, and  holding up a picket sign that reads UR AWESOME FREE HUGS was a guy giving away, well,  free hugs; and you bet I ran him down for one. He was such a beautiful energy I couldn’t resist. In a day when most people shy away from even saying “hello” to one another, here was a guy willing to hug anyone who would accept a hug from him. The sad truth is, we humans have lost our communal spirit, which is as vital to our survival as food and shelter. People like Free Hug Guy are bringing this concept back. When I got my hug it wasn’t half-assed either. He embraced me like we were childhood homies, and stranger that he is, it was sincere. So if you see him, or anyone on his team, go ahead and hug them. A little bit of love never hurt anyone.


My favorite artist of the night was Miguel Paredes. Pardon my colloquialisms, but he is DOPE. When i got the chance to briefly speak with him, he called his art his “own personal gulash”. a more fitting term doesn’t exist. His art is clearly inspired from Japanese Woodprints and anime, perhaps a bit of Norman Rockwell, and concepts that could be found in Dali’s most eccentric pieces. Yet, his style is all his own. And I must say it is a perfect reflection of today’s society. His ability to combine inspiration from different cultures and different time periods seamlessly is the mirror image of the modern world in which we live. A perfect blending of our global culture with hints of traditions we refuse to let go.

The best part of the night was easily the old faces I ran into. Through all of the hulabaloo I saw good friends from both high school and college. One of them was Drew, the coolest Bostoner I’ve ever known. Who would stay up with me late nights ,eyes glued to the screen of my laptop as he read everything Iwrote. Another was Dino, someone I performed with in Black Actor’s Guild while at Florida State. Each of them reminded me that I was exactly where I wanted to be artistically once upon a time, and that me not being there now just made no sense. I’d always been that girl. The one with, like I’ve said before, the ability to perform at the drop of a dime, with a notebook in her hand and a poem on her lips. The good news is I’m becoming a lady with slightly more to offer than that.


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