i kissed a girl, and i loved it

ok. I never really kissed a girl. But I’d imagined if i did, she’d have the face of Cassie, the body of Beyonce and the personality of Katy Perry. As you can see, I’ve put some thought into this. The reason is, lately, I’ve been bombarded with questions, opinions and in some cases arguments over homosexuality.

Let me get my stand out there: i LOVE gay people. I do. And I mean, in a special way I love to seek out and hang around gay people. Why? They’ve proven to be pillars in my life. When I was working at Gap, (oh, haha), I had the greatest pair of managers who were homosexual. One day when a customer became infuriated with me, calling me unintelligent and trash because I didn’t speak spanish. One of those managers came to my rescue with all the pizzaz of a true Queen, telling the customer that this was AMERICA (though he himself was Latino), told her to treat his employees with respect and if she couldn’t manage that they didn’t need her money and then he consoled me like the sweetest big brother a girl could ask for.  Not to mention I wouldn’t have the little fashion sense I have if it wasn’t for those managers and one lovely co-worker. I’d probably still look like BASURA!

I learned to surf, or KINDA learned to surf from one of my best friends, and her girlfriend. Not to mention this amazing friend taught me about photography, music, religions, foods. I mean I am as cultured as I am in great part due to my friendship with her. And I was so open to her sexuality, I even wrote lyrics for her and her girlfriend. Some of my happiest teenage moments were bumming with them on the beach, braiding each others hair, or frequenting the spiritual shops sprinkled in Coconut Grove or Miami Beach. One of the moments I felt most ALIVE was riding in the back of Nat’s truck, surf boards stacked on top, wind blowing through my mane, sunset to our right, water to our left singing “we are we areee the youth of the nation” . I was with two of the most beautiful spirits in existence, and they gave me a moment that still gives me goosebumps. Do you think i gave a fuck that they’re sexual preference was different from mine?

I have members in my immediate family who are gay. Best friends, even enemies. And I love them to death. So when a close friend, my college best friend to be clear, posted something about New Yorks allowing gay marriage, I was happy. And I was scolded for expressing my happiness. In the end I was told that it’s wicked and we’re accepting wickedness. For one, I don’t see how LOVE could ever be wicked. In honesty, i think marriage as a term should apply to a man-woman union. I’m just old-fashioned like that. But allowing the same privilege to homosexuals isn’t something I’d think twice about.

And as far as judging?

I was raised by a man who doesn’t in the least, condone homosexuality. I have many a friend, devout christians, Rastas and muslims who are adamant about their stance on homosexuality. And I respect their opinion, but who are we to judge others on something like their sexual preference? i mean, HELLO, we have tried to do away with every single other prejudice BUT this one. It doesn’t make sense to me. And, I’m no Christian, but i know a good more about Christianity than most people who claim the faith. What happened to “do unto others”, “let he who is without sin” and all that jazz?  And what about that adage that basically states: If I’m lost, show me the way, if I can’t figure it out, forgive me for being lost.I thought we were here, humans were here, to live as best we could for God. Still, WE can’t say what God wants because all we have are a few books, recorded and translated by MEN to tell us what they think, he/she thinks. And even IF that’s all we were going by, we are told through those texts to not be the judge of our fellow man. To allow God to do the judging. So why are we ostracizing, criticizing, antagonizing people who can and have done well by us? Shakespeare, Alexander the Great, Bladwin – all gay. But they changed the world we live in for the better.  As far as I know, Bush, Hitler, Willie Lynch? All straight. I’m just saying.


One thought on “i kissed a girl, and i loved it

  1. Nikki, you are an insightful and beautiful artist. I agree with you. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen me post it in KBC but I find discrimination on the basis of anything to be especially despicable when it’s originates from people like us. Good stuff here. Cheers!

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