i’ll be brief. for this first post. but i will definetly get into detail later:

religion is a drug, an opiate to be exact. i believe in God, yes, I love Jesus, yes. But i don’t love Jesus more than i love Muhammed, or Gilgamesh, or Siddhartha or Noah or Soloman.

i especially dislike Chrsitianity in the black community. or really, most communities. it was the opressors religion force fed to the disadvantaged. it was a way to keep the slave down, calm, obedient. i don’t care what anyone says, unless a black person is ethiopian orthodox, their christianity was more than likely forced onto their ancestors. i’m sorry, but am i the only one who feels that’s a wrong way to come to God?

to follow a religious system which places a God that looks nothing like you in your face is beyond twisted in my eyes. to blindly accept your fate as oppressed, disadvantaged because the bible tells you it will pay off later can’t be what God wanted for us.

like i said, more on this later.




One thought on “opiate

  1. You may get a lot of criticism for this post but I agree with you Marquita… The religion was force upon us as a way to pacify us. “You work hard and toil in this life but look here; if you be a good servant of god and slave you will be rewarded in the afterlife”… * shrug *

    Good post.

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