outside looking in

and at the shaking of a hand, the whole plan fell apart.

so….i’ve been pondering my belief:

 all’s fair in love and war.

because although i’ve always believed in the truth of that statement, i never had the conviction for it that i do now.

 in pursuit of love and victory, i believe one is able to do any and everything in the book. in the words of the greatest man that ever walked, by any means necessary. i say this because i believe in soul mates. when two people are meant to share a love, nothing on earth should keep them apart. but the sad truth is, usually everything on earth tries to keep them apart.

see, people, like to comment on, get involved in and be a part of the love lives of others. the onlooker may think he or she knows best because he or she has been there before. or they may just like the juicy news to add much-needed color to their mundane lives. if there is anything out of the ordinary,  and so they take the bits and pieces of an intimacy not their own and put together an image of what they believe to be the truth. but everything the onlookers are able to piece together will still be faulty patchwork.

and the lovers? so enamored

so, in the end, no one knows all the truths of a love affair. the lovers are blinded with emotion, the observers, lacking that emotion, are blinded with reason.

nevertheless, the sweet nothings whispered only to each other, the quiet glances that mean a billion things to one another and NOTHING to anyone else, and the bond, at the very base of it all ensure that the lovers and only the lovers have the purest form of truth of their love affair. and only them.


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