all dolled up standing on Washington Ave, South Beach on that warm November night i counted down the minutes to my 27th birthday. my 26th year was, by far, my worst. well, my most eye-opening, earthquake awakening year i’ve lived thus far.

 i lost a relationship with one of my best friends whom i loved with all my heart but could not see eye to eye with. and i gained a good five more who became nothing short of sisters.

 i fell out of love, harder than i fell into it.

i realized, with great chagrin, that the path i was on, the life i wanted for a long, long time, i no longer wanted. and that’s pretty drastic for me.

at the beginning of my 26th year i hadn’t written more than one or two poems in 5 years, no diary entries, no short stories. i was unhappily teaching (love the kids, hate the politics) and even more unhappily living with my fiance of the time. and though it dealt me a good amount of pain, i changed all of that. or rather, i purged my life.

and so with seven of the most gorgeous women i’ve ever known, in and out, i walked, no, i strutted  into the club as midnight struck. i felt like a princess, who’s fairytale was beginning at midnight;  and yes there was a prince charming there.

my sisters, doreen, tj, mercedes, koruna, tiffany, carmel, and cara had been there through lost job, lost love, and damn near lost mind and they nursed me back to me. over the phone, fb messages, video chat, drinks, drives they held my hand and it was great to have them ringing in my new year with me. and boy boy can they party. we drove home with the sunrise.

and thus far, 27 has proven to be my best year yet. i have been happy, truly deeply happy. offered a job in Korea, made a stronger bond with my real sister and friends who’ve proven to be worthy of my all,  and, well, met one of the greatest people i’m sure i’ll ever meet in my life.

here’s to that stuff.


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