a woman’s gamble

for many women love is a gamble. and like most gamblers, we just don’t know when to walk away. to cut your losses is a thing unheard of when you refuse to believe you’re not getting out of the hole. a gambler can enter a frenzy hoping for a huge monetary payout – – –  so why do we not understand women who hope for the payout of a happily ever after?

they say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but i also believe heaven hath no grace like a womans forgiveness. and if a woman so choose, her man can chew her up and spit her out, as long as there’s still hope for that payout.

and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

she’ll awake, fumbling as she makes his breakfast because her eyes are still swollen from last nights tears. she’ll call him over and over, pleading for a bit of his attention because he threatened to take it away, not realizing that she’d be better without it. why? because she’s already in the hole and he’s mastered manipulating her mental.  if only, if only he’d go back to the prince he was when they met, or become the person she thought he’d be – – – though that thought NEVER crossed his mind – – – then she’d be back on track. she’d regain control of herself and her love. and all of this? they’d look back on and laugh.

and so she gambles. she risks a bit more of her heart with every spin, with every card, with every coin until she runs out. and ain’t it funny how the gamblers never realize they’ve got nothing left, until they’ve got nothing left? and though this is not the case for all woman, and though all women in this scenario have the ability to walk away with something…isn’t it still true, even a little bit….

in the end, the house always wins?


5 thoughts on “a woman’s gamble

  1. Ok this is my favorite part: and so she gambles. she risks a bit more of her heart with every spin, with every card, with every coin until she runs out. and ain’t it funny how the gamblers never realize they’ve got nothing left, until they’ve got nothing left?
    It reminds me of the movie Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: And if you still don’t want him send that pasty ass on to me. Why? Cuz she got to train him. And then you know what happens she gambled and may have lost.

    So many of us place ourselves in this position. We hold out hope for what isnt there to give now and was before or was never there to begin with. so we should learn to Celebrate ourselves! Celebrate our beauty! Celebrate our accomplishments! Celebrate our family! And when that man comes around make him celebrate us. So its better to just celebrate ourselves and that man who ever that man may be will love you until the day he dies.

    I like your poem. I don’t have many criticisms. You have a nice rythym to it. And I like how you set it up too. I like your subject matter and I like the tone. A little exasperation, a little anger and a little non-support. I think its good. I will bookmark you so I can read more. Good luck and God Bless.

  2. Awesome blog! Can’t wait to find my wife, but definitely not rushing the process God is taking both of us through. I can never feel comfortable making my woman cry and have her cook me breakfast the next morning. I’ll be up cooking breakfast, lol, trying to apologize for whatever I’ve done.

  3. I love the way you write and totally understand your literary license, but “and if a woman so choose” is irking the shit out of me, lol. A woman chooseS.

    On to the substantive part, I feel this 100%. When you are in the hole, and by hole I mean YEARS invested in the relationship, it’s incredibly difficult to let go of what you’ve already lost. And on the flip side, some women are completely afraid of the gamble or the risk. They’d rather sit with mediocre because “at least its something.” They fear losing it all if they attempt to push their luck one more time.

    • hello there, though i’m well aware of subject-verb agreement, i like the feel of “if a woman so choose” because it’s remniscent of a mother or grandmother’s voice giving the advice. felt it went more with the mood. BUT i do appreciate your opinion and would like you to elaborate on how it strikes you. does it feel too….. unprofessional? …. does it take away from my writing?

      thank you so much for taking the time to read this. and feel free to point out anything that doesn’t go smoothly for you, the reader.



      • No, it doesn’t feel unprofessional. When I see perfectly correct grammar and then incorrect grammar used in a phrase (that was said more than once), I feel like there is suppose to be a purpose for it. Then I will look out for the reason you wrote it that way, i.e., some second meaning, but when I don’t see it, then it just is this annoying thing, lol.

        Anyhoo, that is just my opinion. I’m not a professional editor/writer, just a reader.

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