We’re All Mad Here

one of my all time favorite stories. great series.

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I tried university once before.

That sounds a bit decadent, doesn’t it. Sort of like when someone offers you a drink:

Oh, I tried that once before, daaahling, can’t say it agreed with me. Do pass the gin.

Ironically, it was this exact sentiment that probably led to my abysmal failure and consequent dropping-out of university. Nevertheless, I did try it. Tried Law, in fact. Of all the endless, faceless degrees out there, I chose the hard one. Why? Because I was just on the wrong-side of the end of university’s domination, graduating high-school at the end of the era where university was the holy grail and Law and Medicine were the gold plating. But, ha-ha, the jokes on us, because in the new Australian employment climate it’s the plumbers, mechanics, electricians and construction workers who earn the big bucks now, thanks to the ever-booming mining industry.

But I digress.

So back in that hazy, booze…

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