Storytime! – Lydia – (Part 1)

There was a very wealthy lawyer who had three beautiful daughters. He loved each of them very much and in their best interest he began to find suitors for each when they came of age so that they would be well taken care of once their father was no longer in this world. The first was married off to a man in the father’s firm long before she was legally able to take her first sip of wine. The second daughter married a civil engineer days after graduating from her preparatory school. But the third daughter, being the lawyer’s favorite and most prized child was allowed to finish college before her father began to look for appropriate suitors for her. This youngest daughter was named Lydia.

One day as she and her father sat in a coffee shop, Lydia knew that he would be announcing his choice for a suitor over their latte’s.

“Lydia,” the old lawyer spoke with tenderness. “You are quite a bit more independent than your sisters, I know, but I still worry about your future once I’m gone.”

“I know papa,” Lydia smiled.

“And I know you alone of my children would have the most to argue when it comes to being married. But I am not asking you to get married. Just meet with the boy, get to know him. And, who knows? It could be a real fairytale.”

Lydia stirred her coffee absent mindedly. She knew her family was very much into tradition. Knew that to break from her father’s wishes would break his heart. But she didn’t want to marry just anyone. She wanted that poison and antidote, love. Although her sisters were both quite fond of their husbands, and their lives, Lydia wasn’t sure her father would be able to find a proper prince for her.

“Who?” Lydia asked.

“Do you remember,” her father began to reminisce, “the family who lived across the street from us when we lived in the home we lived in when your mother was alive? They had a little boy-“

“Alan” Lydia brightened. She did remember. Alan was the Pepe to her Madeline. As children they played together. They built forts and camped out in each other’s backyard. But Lydia’s mother got sick with Cancer, and her father moved the whole family closer to the hospital where she was receiving treatment. The last time she saw Alan he was standing in his mother’s arms waving goodbye to Lydia and her family.

“Well, his father came into my office about a month ago. Some lawsuit issue with one of his patients. Anyway, he said that Alan has finished his Masters of Business at NYU and had returned. I invited him to Thanksgiving. That way, I’m not putting my nose too far into this. But I do want to say, he comes from a good family. He’ll be comfortable even if he never works a day in his life. I only want the best for my daughters.”

The old lawyer smiled sheepishly. He was growing more tired with each passing day and it showed in his greying eyes. Entering his later years he wondered, as most do, about his legacy. With no male child, he had ensured that his daughters were married and well matched. And they were happy, weren’t they? Now, only Lydia was left. She’d have her portion of the inheritance, and she was very self-sufficient, but still, he wanted his youngest daughter to have a happy marriage. He did not live to Thanksgiving.

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