“The idea is if we don’t look out the white race will be — will be utterly submerged” 

                                                                                         -Tom Buchanan, 

                                                                                Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby

Earlier this week Cheerios posted a commercial that involved an interracial family. (Click here to view the commercial) Some people voiced their rather, strong, opinions against interracial marriage. This led to others being floored by the audacity of racist comments “in 2013”. Apparently, we’ve forgotten that we haven’t reached that utopian ideal of harmony. Have you been fooled into believing that people are no longer racist, or xenophobic?

Just because we sit in the same classroom, doesn’t mean we eat lunch together. Humans have always had and may always ‘s have an US vs. THEM mentality. That’s what we do. Our planet against another, our country, our state, our family, our siblings. We have a bi-racial President, yes, but let we forget there is still some deep-rooted division going on in America.

Take Georgia for example. Last April the students in Wilcox County held their first ever integrated prom. Annually they had held a “black prom” and a “white prom”. This year they finally joined the ranks of – I hope- the rest of America. And that was only after they spoke out and obtained donations from all over the world. One student told NBC News that she felt as though they were “living Martin Luther King’s dream”.

And what of the man in Virginia, white, who was accused of kidnapping his daughters. You see, his daughters are half black and the American mind wasn’t able to register this possibility before accusing a man of not being the birth parent to his babies.

Progress is a slow process. We are not living in such a racist world as existed 50, 30 or even 10 years ago; but we have quite a journey before racial tolerance is more common than common sense.  Some say racism will come to an end when we all mix up together and everybody’s the same color. But don’t you see? We’re all afraid of that too. Honestly, it’s not just whites who want to keep their race pure. But that? we’ll save that for another day.


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