I offer my humble apologies to those of you who are following my writing of your own interest and I haven’t posted in a while. I have been incredibly humbled this summer. I lost a job I didn’t want and was happy to be free to write, only I true to character, was unrealistic considering my financial obligations and thus have been forced to find another position. I have written, but sparingly and with no internet at home have not had the pleasure of sharing it with you all. When I get my laptop t some wifi I will post a snippet of my latest piece “We Called Them Fire Demons”…I have no idea where I’m going, with the piece or with life. But I do have the end in mind. For both.

By the way, I am happy, broke as I am. Stressed, wishing I had more time to write, and kicking myself for some decisions, but I have picked up the pieces and moved on. I smile every day, laugh every day and feel true, true love every day. I cook, I dress well and I treat myself like the queen I am.

Some things I have fallen deeply in love with laely:

Game of Thrones, books.

Anthropologie! (woot woot my new jiz-ob)


Califia Farms Almond Milk

and Ms. Bardot.

Have a great day, and check up on me sometime. You never know…something fabulous could pop up any minute!


4 thoughts on “humbled

  1. Sometimes life does get in the way of the fun things we wish to do, but we always find a way back to what we love. Your writing is a part of you so whether you’ve go internet to share it or you keep it to yourself, as long as you are doing it, we know you will happily survive.

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