Top-Ten Tuesday

Here’s a top ten to reflect the current state of my life.


(from my childhood)

10. Rock Star –

And I didn’t mean Josie and the Pussy Cats and Jewel for this one. I wanted to be a rock star. Big make-up, big hair, crazy outfits. My dad and I used to rock out to Jon Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses and Hendrix and (early) Kiss. My sister and I would always play Wayne’s World and she’d sit on the couch pretending to be Wayne and I’d tussle my curls, slap on a hat and sunglasses and come out pretending to be Slash. As it turns out I neither have an ear for music nor a liver for alcohol. It was good while it lasted.

9.  Lawyer –

When I learned that all lawyers do was argue – I was seven- that’s what I knew I was going to be. I wanted to choose a position and prove someone wrong. My best friends sister squashed that idea when she A. had me defend why girls SHOULD shave their legs against her – which was totally unfair because she was attending Howard and I was still wearing pigtails and light up sneakers and B. told me that a lot of lawyers allowed bad people to walk free and put good people in jail. I decided then that being a lawyer was evil.

8. Circus Act –

Like all children I loved the circus. Like all lonely folk, I thought one day I’d run away and join it. I would have been a trainer. Night after night my tigers and I would wow the crowd with our uncanny ability to communicate with one another and we would have routines where they rescued me from peril. Only, tigers are dangerous. So there went that idea.

7.  Nanny –

Ok not just any nanny. I wanted to be Mary Poppins.

6. Professor

Tucked in some grand university, or Hogwarts, with a nice mug of tea having students blossom into intellectuals before my eyes.  I still dream of this.

5. Mommy –


That’s right folks. Even as a wee lass I wanted to be a stay at home mom. But I would be a working mom too, like my own. She was fabulous with a job, two in fact.

4. Page Master –

really  do I have to explain this one? I wanted to be that librarian that knew every tale ever told. I wanted to send eager children to shelves that would have them hooked on reading forever. To be mysterious, wise, even slightly creepy.

3. Super Thief

Think Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment. I used to tie strings around my home and try to get through the “laser alarms” to the goods. I still dream of this however I have yet to see a wanted ad for this position. Do send one my way if you see one.

2. Movie Star

It’s putting on a costume and telling stories for a living. And you get lots of money and travel for pretending. What can be better?

1. Storyteller –

Naturally, I’ve always wanted to tell stories. Only I pictured myself an old wise woman garbed in bohemian meets primal attire sitting atop a hill outside my hut telling stories to great kings and warriors, queens and mothers to guide them. Turns out I can be a storyteller in my sweatpants sitting in a modern living room with no one physically present to hear me spin my tales. I don’t prefer it this way. but I do imagine someday I’ll still move out into the middle of nowhere and give stories, shelter and comfort to anyone who needs them.


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