Whoa, woe, whoa.

*People who speed up the moment you turn your signal on to get over.
*Hispanic Miamians who believe you challenged because you don’t speak, or refuse to speak, Spanish.
*Part-Time Jobs where you drive for one hour TO work for thirty minutes OF work.
*Losing out on a job opportunity because you dropped, and broke your laptop and didn’t get the email in time.
*Wanting to eat healthy but too rushed and too poor to afford non-dollar-menu items.
*Bladder refuses to let you make the entire drive to work without stopping to use the restroom thereby making you late.
*Paying for parking, at work.
*Having to buy a $3.85 coffee to get $4 off aforementioned parking.
*Working in an area where gas is 1 entire dollar more expensive than the station on your block, not having enough gas to make it home.
*Seeing your significant other long enough to say three things: good morning, goodnight, and I miss you.
*Job/ Insurance cover medical needs, boss “lets you go” one week before your treatment is finished making the price of the medicine quadruple and your income vanish.
*Dog owners who’s unleashed dog attacks your own then get upset when your beast nearly kills their bold brute.
*Paying for internet and having Netflix say “screw your movie night” right before they name the killer.

So…yes. These are but few of my most current woes. And most woeful of all is the dropping of my laptop. I feel like Carrie in that episode she Sad Mac’d and lost her mind. My photos, videos and yes, my writing, may well be lost forever. And now there is no more Netflix, frozen or not, until I can either procure another or magically find someone who can save mine. Wish me luck good people.

Tomorrow is my lucky day, so here’s hoping.


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