I’m mad at that, too.

DISCLAIMER: I do not necessarily agree entirely with this photo – I’m sure Mr. Walker has genuine qualities befitting a remarkable person. BUT this photo does emphasize my stand.

Photo Comparing Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela Deaths Angers Interweb


This morning, on my drive to work I listened to The Breakfast Club which has been a recent addition to Miami radio. Apparently the re-born Hip-Hop station, 103.5 The Beat, has added the New York Based radio show to its program. In the show, they have a segment called “Tell us why you mad”. Now, I won’t deny that, for the most part, people get mad over the most ridiculous, trifling things. However, a guy this morning commented on his Facebook friends having two problems: 1. Not knowing the difference between Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela and 2. Being more concerned with the death of Paul Walker than with that of Nelson Mandela.

I’m mad at that, too!

Paul Walker, though he may have been a great guy, did not do for us what Mandela did. It’s not a matter of whose death should mean the most to us, but what we should honor and remember. In the end, the two men are incomparable. We should measure a life not by length, but by lives changed – for the better. Mandela changed the world. Not in some small way. Now for one person, or even one nation. We cannot let his death be overshadowed by that of a movie star. But we are letting it happen because of our priorities.

And our priorities are messing up our kids – who have proven that they actually mourn Walker as if he was a friend but were nearly completely ignorant of the loss of Mandela.

I don’t have a solution, but we owe it to Mandela, to Ghandi, to Shabazz to Shakur, to remember them. Because, in the end, how many of us actually owe them our lives?


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