Until 2014…

I have lost my temper, and my keys. In near equal amounts. 

I have been taken for granted, for a fool, a joke. Been left alone, hanging and to my own devices. i have been less confident, less eloquent and less of the me that I have striven to become. I have been wasting money, ideas, and too much time on Candy Crush.

I have forgotten your birthday, to return your call even when i knew you needed me but i was in the middle of a movie and knocked out right after. I have eaten all the cupcakes, or the bacon, or your shit. And I’m sick of it.

I have refused to acknowledge your right to happiness because somewhere along the way i taught myself to be selfish and condescending. No, dammit, you cannot have the last slice of pie. That’s my spot, didn’t you see my signal? It’s saw, “I saw you” not seen.

I have given corrections, directions, and complaints without suggestion,compassion,or empathy.Or many hugs.


To alter this is the unattainable whimsy of a fool, 

However, to leave where I have been to be better?

that’s a New Year’s Resolution





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