I have not forgotten you and the hundreds – maybe thousands – like you. My brother, my son, my father, my man are you. I will not mourn you by hoping your murderer receives shame in losing a boxing match, because I know he will know no shame. He will only happily accept the attention, and more than likely the money, that will come of such an atrocious even. I know that Zimmerman is not a celebrity; no more than Hitler, Booth, or McVeigh. I can no more change the mentalities of my peers, my countrymen, my people than I can change the skies, but I will never forget. I will never allow my morality to stoop so low as to condone the exploitation of a murderer. No blow to or from a washed up rapper will undo the fight that took your life. I will remember, solemnly and lovingly, young man.

A Salaam-Alaikum

God Be With You

Sa Rrang Hea



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