The Noah Movie

I do believe many people are sadly mistaken as to the origin of the story of Noah. As it turns out, the story of the flood is not a Christian, Jewish, or even a monotheistic story. Digging around a bit you will find that a vast number of societies have some form of a flood story. The oldest, as far as I know, is the Sumerian tale of Gilgamesh where he meets Utnapishtim, a man who was told to build a huge boat to prepare for one of the Gods’ cleansing of the Earth by rain and flood. Utnapishtim and his family survived the flood and were given word by nothing other than a bird that it was time to recuperate.

Based on the fact that so many different cultures have the story, coupled with the scientific evidence of a disastrous flood that may have led people in the region to believe the entire world was flooding, I believe the Flood actually happened.

Still, I am bothered by people’s vilification of Darren Aronofsky. Because he is an atheist, and the movie doesn’t match up exactly with the bible they are treating him as if he has attacked all of Christendom. Remember folks, the story of the flood is not a Christian story. Not originally, anyway. In his own way, as The Washington Post says, Aronofsky is “making one of history’s most enduring and universal myths his very own.” Isn’t that what the Judeo-Christian texts did anyway? I for one appreciate this ambitious retelling, and instead of putting Mr. Aronofsky on the cross and accusing his non-religious character as one out to destroy the story we should thank him for keeping this one alive and well.




One thought on “The Noah Movie

  1. If a global flood actually happened and all of humanity comes from Noah’s three sons Shem Ham and Japheth, wouldn’t all civilization have some form of a flood story? Even the Chinese do.

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