Every once in a while a person walks into your life that just fits. You don’t have to try and find something that you have in common, there’s simply a series of “oh my GOD!, ME TOO!”‘s. that leaves you feeling a little less anxious in their presence.

I have been lucky enough to get one of those recently.

“IT’S JESS” (yeah, i said that in my new girl voice)

As it turns out, Jess is the sister of my boyfriend’s bestest bud in the world. And because of that we’d end up seeing each other a few times a year. She was always way cool, and super cordial, and we’d share a laugh or two but at the end of the night we’d say goodbye and wouldn’t see each other again for months.

And then books. She said she liked books. And her kids ALSO liked books. And she had good taste in books.

The silent anti-social girl with her nose in a novel inside my soul held her breath.

Could it be? Was there an adult who liked literature the way I did but wasn’t snobbish about it? Who spent equal parts time browsing both Pintrest and Target? And it goes way beyond what we have in common but what I respect about the woman she is:

She works her ass off. – One of the reasons she and I hardly saw each other early on.

She raises good little people to be good big people. – As a teacher (not yet a mommy) I can appreciate the values she instills in her kids. She treats them fairly, and allows them to assess situations and make their own decisions, but she’s not a friend, she’s mommy. And no, mommy will not take you acting an ass.

She’s part of a kick-ass duo – Her and her husband are the coolest freakin pair walking. Beyonce and Jay-Z have nothing on the teamwork I’ve seen from them. Between two people who work full-time and who manage to make time for their kids, family, extended family and friends, they also find time to bake cakes and bar-b-que, and manage to still be down to earth.

She’s a woman first, a lady second – Too many people worry about the wrong things. Etiquette should always take a back seat to common sense. And she’s one of few people who know this. It’s not enough to be politically correct, what matters is to be politically fair. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind about today’s issues and she’s adamant about making this world a better place, for everyone, everywhere. She doesn’t hide her opinion to make sure she keeps all of her social media followers. So I think that women deserve equal rights, UNFRIEND ME BITCH!

She’s informed – and she’s fair. we’ve spoken on some issues in our society today and though she may feel strongly she isn’t basing those feelings off of thin air. like I said, she reads, she listens, she observes all before forming an opinion. And she’s open to new information.

She’s just plain ole cool – as hell. Between her, her husband and my love I never feel down. EVER. I never feel like what I stress over is a big deal. And for that, above all else, I am thankful.

So, Jess, thank you for all that you do, and all that good stuff that I hope rubs off on me. You are unbelievably amaze-balls whether it’s your intellect, your beauty, your spirit (or your cooking lol).


You’s the bee’s knee’s.



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