Black Lives Matter, too.

I have seen and heard quite a surprising amount of people say that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is racist. and “stupid”, because “all lives matter”. (Note: at a peaceful protest I attended we did chant “Black Lives Matter..ALL lives matter)

Really quick, what are the numbers of Asians killed in hate crimes? Homosexuals killed by the cops (AND THEN the cops aren’t charged or even stripped of their position)? White kids killed by older non-white men (AND AGAIN the men not charged or stripped of their social position?)

I’m not saying these things don’t happen. Unfortunately I’m sure that they have. And it’s not pleasing to me to know that “we all suffer together”. That shit hurts, too. But the amount of murders of black people – men in particular – that have gone unpunished simply because the victim was black and murderer wasn’t is exponentially larger than any other screwed up situation. The truth is, in most countries the darker the people, the harsher their treatments and existence. Here in America, the African-American man has been treated as if his life is worthless. He gets suspended from school more than other children who have the same behavioral issues, gets more prison time for selling the same amount of weed, and when he’s killed gets no justice for the same atrocity that would have rocked entire cities. Until now. And now that the country is FINALLY in an uproar about the unfairness of these crimes, we call those who tell us that black lives matter racist.

Would it help if we added a “too”, then? Black lives matter, too? I can dig that. And it definitely means what we need it to mean.


Understand that saying “Back Lives Matter” isn’t racist, it’s a reminder. One that our country has needed for 400 years now.

Carry One


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